Our Community

Our Community

Be kind, be a wonderful human being. To love, to support each other. This is what I learned from my dogs.

Charity we donate to...

Meet Action for Animal in Distress Society Animal Rescue ❤️

Action for Animals is a BC registered non-profit, no-kill society dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and caring for abandoned and unwanted cats and small animals. (Registered Charity # 892546300 RR0001)

Meet Nikki

Nikki is the amazing founder of Action for Animal in Distress Animal Rescue, a charity she's been running for over 30 years. We met when we had great success testing our products with dogs. But when it came to cats (you know how picky they can be), we needed a place with lots of feline friends. That's where Nikki comes in. She lives with her two dogs, Hana and Franky, and over 20 cats. When we offered to bring our products for testing, Nikki warmly welcomed us into her home and shared her incredible journey of rescuing animals for three decades. Her house was filled with happy and healthy cats that she had saved from the local area. Some of these cats couldn't adjust to human interaction, so Nikki made sure they had a permanent home with her. Only when these cats receive their vaccines and undergo neuter surgery does Nikki consider letting them be adopted, and she only charges a small adoption fee. Seeing Nikki as a caring local hero for animals, we offered to donate a portion of our profits. We want to support all these wonderful human beings, even if it's not a significant amount, because the main goal is to spread love.❤️


Cats love our treats!

If you take a closer look, you'll notice that cats can clean tables just like dogs do.

And of course, dogs love our treats too!

Look at those eyes..🤩

“Thanks for the treats, hooman!"

Our Co-founder Yuki with one of Niki's rescued cats.

"Sorry, can't talk to you right now, too busy with cats."

Our Co-founder Martin with Niki's rescued cats.

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