Meet Our Team

Real dogs, cats and human behind the real brand.

Nick Wilde

Chief Barking Officer

"I'm here to ensure that every dog, cat, and human is in the right place, doing the right thing."

🔥Nick's Pick: Anytime VegFru!


Chief Operating Officer

"My responsibility is to ensure that daily operations run smoothly and to meticulously clean the floors."

🔥Chewie's Pick: Anytime Yogurt! Pumpkin


Chief Smart Officer

"My duty is to provide intelligent decision-making to foster the team's success."

🔥Lucy's Pick: Anytime Yogurt! Blueberry


Chief Tasting Officer

"My main task is to guarantee the utmost quality and delightful flavors across all products."

🔥Nori's Pick: Anytime Yogurt! Cranberry

Humans working for them


Co-Founder & Director of Sales

"THE professional dog mom"


Co-Founder & Director of R&D

"An adventurous nutritionist"



”Muse of inspiration“

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Our Philosophy

Why we start Wagging Bum and what sets us apart.
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Our Ingredients

Better food is made with better ingredients. Many claim to use great ingredients, is that true? Well, I don't think so.
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Our Process

What's freeze-dry? What's so good about freeze-dry? Why it's better than other processes?
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Our Community

Be kind, be a wonderful human being. To love, to support each other.
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